How do I order and what services are available?

Ordering – this is how it works…

Order process

You have various options for sending us your image files. This can be done conveniently by e-mail, also using services such as WeTransfer. Alternatively, we also accept transfers via Dropbox, CD/DVD or USB stick. Please note that we will return USB sticks with your order.

It is recommended to provide your image files in TIFF or JPEG format (lowest possible compression). If your files do not contain an embedded RGB profile, the sRGB color space will be assumed by default for further processing. However, it is generally advisable to embed an RGB profile, such as AdobeRGB, Pro Photo RGB or sRGB. A color depth of up to 16 bits can be used.

These guidelines help us to ensure that we can process your files optimally for FineArt printing. If you have any further questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CMYK profiles are not suitable.

If you have any questions about the preparation of your images, we will be happy to advise you.

We carry out a thorough check of your image files before printing, as described in the “File check”. If any ambiguities or adjustments are identified, we will contact you immediately to discuss the next steps. Otherwise, we will not make any changes to your image files and will print the images exactly as they were received from you.

Our aim is to ensure that your prints are of the highest quality and fully meet your expectations.

Note All pictures are supplied with a surrounding, unprinted, narrow edge (0.5cm – 1.5cm), which makes handling easier with most papers (e.g. framing etc.).

If you do not wish this, please let us know – we will then cut your pictures to the exact size. Please note, however, that exact trimming (in the printed area) may result in color flaking or structural damage to the edges. Images are cut by hand, a certain tolerance of +/- 1-2mm must be observed.

If a defined white border has been created around the image, the images will of course be cut to size.

Note Your pictures are usually printed on rolls above the format 30cm x 45cm, a possible curvature of the prints is normal and not a defect. We de-roll the pictures for flat shipping. Fluctuations in humidity, temperature, etc. may nevertheless cause curling or waviness.

Please note the corresponding information on the
shipping costs, packaging, delivery times and payment methods
und der cancellation policy.

Further services


Before you order a large-format print, we offer you the option of a corresponding test print. You can opt for a striped section of the image or a reduced image up to 20cm x 30cm.

The test print is made on the paper selected for the larger work. These proofs are sent by post in a paper envelope and are not further protected. They are for viewing and evaluation purposes only. The cost of this sample/proof print is 5.00 euros* per sample, plus postage.

This option also allows you to decide which paper best suits your motif with a test print.

* Prices in Euro incl. VAT plus shipping

File check & advanced editing

We offer an inclusive service in which every image file is checked by us before printing. This includes checking the correct color space, resolution and other relevant aspects.

If corrections such as retouching, brightness adjustments, sharpening, removal of sensor spots etc. are required during this check, we charge an hourly rate of 60.00 euros* for this work. Before such corrections are carried out, we will of course contact you to discuss the desired adjustments.

Please note that these correction services are only offered in conjunction with a printing service.

* Prices in Euro incl. VAT

Deckle Edge

We are also happy to provide your prints (all matt papers from 270g/m²) with a torn edge. This is only possible with a correspondingly wide white edge, as damage can occur in a colored area.

Working price per sheet final format (incl. white margin) length + width up to 125 (e.g. 30cm x 45cm) – 4 pages – 10.50 Euro*.

Working price per sheet final format (incl. white margin) length + width from 126 (e.g. 60cm x 90cm) – 4 pages – 17.50 Euro*.

We offer this up to a final format of 70cm x 100cm.

Final format can be kept to around +/- 16mm. The edges are torn by hand with a ruler.

* Prices in Euro incl. VAT plus printing and shipping costs

Double-sided printing

We also produce double-sided prints on suitable media. Hahnemühle has a number of papers available, such as Hahnemühle PhotoRag Duo 276g/m². Double-sided media is only available in sizes up to A2.