Shipping costs, packaging, delivery times and payment methods

Shipping costs & packaging

Within Germany the shipping costs for FineArt prints up to the format of:

20cm x 30cm at 9,00Euro*
60cm x 90cm at 14,00 Euro*
from 60cm x 90cm up to 70cm x 100cm 21,00 Euro*

For formats larger than 70cm x 100cm, shipping costs are calculated individually and communicated before the order is accepted.

For your prints (up to 70cm x 100cm), individual, stable, flat packaging is produced, consisting of two hardboard panels, intermediate cardboard and outer packaging. The prints are separated with tissue paper.

Flat packaging for larger formats by arrangement.

Only wood, cardboard, paper tape and stretch film made from biodegradable materials are used in the most cases.

For individual prints (or for larger prints that are not to be sent by a forwarding agent), we can also send them on rolls. In this case we only use rolls with a sufficient diameter to be able to roll prints reasonably (100mm – 120mm).

No individual packaging is provided for sample/proof prints; they are sent as described under “Sample/proof print” for €3.00* by letter post. Exceptions are proofs/prints that are requested larger than the postal format allows.

Special sizes/quantities Germany
For custom-made products or if it is not possible to keep to the above flat-rate shipping costs within Germany (e.g. for large numbers of prints), we will inform you of the shipping costs before accepting your order.

Outside Germany
For shipping abroad, we will inform you of the shipping costs before accepting your order.

Collection in Potsdam is possible. Please bring suitable folders or similar. Of course, we also produce packaging for collection – made of the same materials as our transport packaging. This will be charged at cost.

Minimum quantity surcharge

We do not have a minimum order value. However, we do produce elaborate individual packaging for each of your orders. For orders below 35.00 euros* value of goods (value of goods incl. VAT without the shipping costs) we charge a surcharge of 15.00 euros*. The minimum quantity surcharge does not apply to sample/proof prints.

* Prices in Euro incl. VAT

Delivery times


Always agree the size of projects in good time. Not all papers are always in stock. Awagami papers in particular sometimes have long delivery times.

Your FineArt prints are usually dispatched within 5 working days. Within Germany, the delivery time by DPD or DHL is approx. 2-3 days, by freight forwarder 3-5 days.

For special orders or a larger number of prints, we will inform you of the delivery time before executing or accepting the order.

Express production (if material is in stock) is possible (1-2 working days until dispatch), but will be charged with a surcharge of 15.00 Euro* per order. Shorter times are not possible – as prints also have to dry.

Payment methods

The payment methods prepayment and invoice are available.

From a value of goods of 125Euro (value of goods incl. VAT without shipping costs) an advance invoice will be issued. Payment is made by bank transfer for both advance payment and invoice. Cash payment is not possible.